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Are you a Killian Associate? Join the Killian Wellness Program!

The Wellness Program is available to employees and their spouses who utilize the health insurance offered by Killian.  The program is designed to help you take charge of your health management and a simple way to save on your insurance costs! 

How does it work? 

Our program is designed to help you be empowered in your health management. We offer free, in-depth blood work each year and a free appointment with a healthcare professional to go over the results. The program is fully remote: blood work can be done at any participating LabCorp facility in the US or at our clinic located in Springfield, MO. 


After we receive the results from your bloodwork you will be scheduled to have an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals either on the phone or in person. During this appointment our healthcare professional will discuss your results with you. Based on your these results you will put into a subprogram within the Wellness Program designed to help you manage the health risk they identify is the biggest threat to you. 

These subprograms have required online "check-ins" that you will complete every quarter. If you complete all the required check-ins within a quarter you will receive your wellness bonus! Check-ins are simple and take about 3 minutes to complete. Examples include entering a few meals you ate, your physical activity for the week, or other information depending on your subprogram. 

How can I get started?

Ready to join the program? Get started by talking to your HR representative to determine if you qualify. If you qualify you will be directed to our clinic to set up your free wellness blood work.

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